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Book Writers

Top Authors of All Time

  1. William Shakespeare-

This author does not need any introduction to anyone in the world. He was born in England on April 26th, 1564. Shakespeare is known as the most excellent writer in the English literature and also known as the National poet of England. It is not clear on how many plays he has written, but by combing a few collaborations with other play writers, he has made about 38 different plays, and few of them are the top ten in the world.


  1. K. Rowling-

Most young ones out there may not be not familiar with the all the writers in the world but one exceptional writer is known to every young mind, and that is J.K. Rowling who is also particularly famous with a lot of age groups. She is a British author and became famous with her renowned series of seven books by the name of Harry Potter. She was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, England on the 31st July of 1965. J.K. Rowling, at present, is married to Neil Murray and has two lovely daughters and one son. Currently, she is coming up with a novel for the adult audience called ‘The Casual Vacancy.’  and will be published on the 27th of September of the year 2018.

  1. George Orwell-

Originally named has Eric Arthur Blair and born on the 25th June of the year 1903. He was a great English journalist and novelist. He passed away on the 21st January 1950 and famous for his works on the Homage to Catalonia, Animal Farm, and Nineteen Eighty-Four essays. His wife was Eileen O’Shaughnessy, and that marriage ended with her death, he then married Sonia, and that marriage ended with his death.

  1. Virginia Woolf-

Virginia Woolf was an American writer of British nationality. She was born on 25th January in the year 1882. The famous writings created by her include, to the lighthouse, Orlando: A biography and the famous “A Room of One’s Own. Virginian was married to Mr. Leonard Woolf which ended after a death in the year 1941. She died on the 28th of March 1941, at the age of 56.


  1. Charles Dickens-

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on the 7th February of 1812. Dickens was an English writer and also a social critic at that time. Schools use his book as a part of academics for the children to read. He is known for popular books such as Oliver Twist, Hard times, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol. Dickens was married to Catherine Thomson Hogarth and had a whole lot of kids. Charles started writing at an early age and rose to fame in the year 1836 when he wrote the famous book” The Pickwick Papers, “and within a few years of that, his popularity crossed the international borders.